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Kaiapoi Medical Centre
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71 Fuller Street Kaiapoi

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Coronavirus Information. Please see the 'News' tab, above, for details. Online appointment booking requests are currently unavailable. Prescriptions may still be requested online.

To request a repeat Prescription click here:

Coronavirus Lockdown Information

The Kaiapoi Medical Centre will remain open during the period of the Lockdown.

While the Lockdown is on we have changed how we interact with patients, so as reduce the risk of spreading infection through the community.

All patients must phone us first on 03 327 5115. If you simply turn up without contacting us first, we will ask you to leave and then to phone us. Emergencies are an exception to this.

Pharmacies will remain open during the period of the lockdown.

During the lockdown, patients are allowed to leave their homes to visit their doctor, or to go to pharmacies to collect prescribed medication.

We will offer phone consultations to patients, or see them in person if that is more appropriate.

We are offering flu vaccinations, if we have vaccine, but these must be done by appointment. If you turn up without an appointment you will be asked to leave and to phone us back.

Flu vaccinations are currently only available for those over 65 years of age, or people with a medically-diagnosed chronic illness, or for pregnant women. This will be the case until April 13th when it will be more widely available.

For any questions please phone reception during normal working hours on 03 327 5115.

RNZCGP - Cornerstone Accreditation Day 17th November, 2011